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Ziya Imren Architects is a design office based on collaboration of group of architects. Over the experience of the past six years in the field of architectural competitions and design process, it was officially founded in 2011. Besides many awards in national and international architectural competitions, the office has several completed projects and constantly evolving in pursuit of its goal to design and produce contemporary architecture that combines creativity and innovation. Team's rigorous and collaborative architectural approach is first and foremost a practical one, taking into consideration all contributing factors of processing, regardless of whether they are of an economic, aesthetical, functional, technical or contextual nature.   Ziya Imren Graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE), Department of Architecture with honors 2006. He worked for international and national architectural offices and had experienced on design processes during his education. After 2008 besides working in different scaled projects as an architect, he has focused on architectural competitions and won many prizes in both international and national architectural competitions. Imren continues his architectural practice in his office Ziya Imren Architects, founded in 2011. He has also been working as a part-time instructor at Baskent and TED University in the second and third year design studios.

Mehmet Sefik Yasavul // Architect // METU // Co-Founder
Tamara Nazari // Architect // TU
Cagatay Akbas // Architect // GU